D-Lion’s Story

His story began a long time ago…… In the land that just began, a father established his life.  He took his land and built on his future for his children for them to embrace.  The father multiplied his values into his children, the father let his children have dominion over his land and to share the stories that he created. 

The father was confident, that his new found kingdom was ready to be maintained by his children. He gave it to his children with a promise.  He told them that if you grow the land in which I leave you and expand it and teach your children that they have the potential to rule it one day. Your family will continue to walk in confidence and be successful in expanding the kingdom in your father’s name.

D-lion was taught by his father that everyone is special and that we all have unique gifts & abilities. He was also encouraged to be confident in who he is. D-lion decided to go into the world sharing his father’s promises with his friends.

D-Lion believes that when you walk confident in who you are you will be a success in life.  His dad has a great Kingdom.  And great values and D-Lion want to share with us all the many rewards that come from obeying those values.